Júlia Canton

Hello! I'm a designer from Brazil, with a focus in visual and experience design.

My passion with design started in 2017, since then, I've not stopped learning new stuff about the area. I'm working as UX Designer at Neoway and am almost graduated in Communication Design at PUCRS.



Nympha is a website of visual references for sharing and saving artistical projects made by women.

Year: 2020

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MHR is a engineer company that works to solve the existing problems on agricultural spraying, with the use of their own drone, developed by them. The brand wanted a website to engage and attract potential costumers. 

Year: 2019

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Nuno is an app integrated with the product Nuno. The app allows the visualization of data captured during the night, like corporal temperature, movements, sleep quality, among others. 

Year: 2018

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eBook Introduction to Chatbots

Academic project developed for Splora company, who developes chatbots personalized based on the needs of each company.

Year: 2018

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personal projects

On free time, I draw mandalas as a hobby.

~more works coming soon

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